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Nearly $40 Million Turned Over to State Treasury

Starting Sunday April 1st and lasting until June 23rd, Wisconsin residents in every county can look for their names in their paper of record to see if the State Treasurer's office is holding unclaimed property. The picture to the left is what the listings will look like in the newspapers when they are printed.


Milwaukee County will be first this year and has the most new names of people with unclaimed property than any other county in the state. Residents there can look in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for their names, their relatives' names or their neighbors this Sunday.


''These are the new names we received at the end of last year from companies across the state and country,'' State Treasurer Kurt Schuller said. ''We print the new names every year, as required by state law, to make it easier for people to find cash they didn't even know was lost.''


Companies turned over $39,160,521 to the State Treasury in 2011. This money belongs to all the people that will have their names printed in the papers over the next 3 months. However, the Office of State Treasurer has been holding unclaimed property since the early 1970's. We have $412,226,584 that we want to give back to the rightful owners.


''Last year, my office returned more than $33 million,'' Treasurer Schuller said. ''But even though we broke the record, we then took in another $39 million. There is a lot of unclaimed money out there!''


Anyone can search for missing money on our website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Online, you will find the new names that will be printed in the papers this year as well as all the old names dating back to the start of the unclaimed property statutes.


To learn more about unclaimed property, financial education, the economy and its effect on your daily life and saving for college, please visit our blog,


Click on the document link below to see the Counties, the newspapers and the dates the names will be listed.

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